What is HackISU?
HackISU is a hackathon hosted at Iowa State University for all college students.


What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event where people who are excited about programming, developing new hardware applications, and creating ideas. These innovators come together and collaborate to build cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, and developers work in teams to create hacks and apps for web or mobile platforms — in our case, the creators are university and high school students.


Who can participate?
HackISU is open to all students (and possibly high school students as well)! You don't have to be a Computer Science major or even an engineering student, though it's best if you have some coding experience. You aren't required to have ever attended a hackathon before. You can come with a team, hack alone, or create a team at HackISU. We'll even help you find other participants to join you.


What if I'm a newbie?
HackISU has great opportunities for people that are new to programming. You can join a team and learn as you go.


Do I have to be a Iowa State student?

No, this hackathon is open to students regardless of where they go to school.


Will I get travel reimbursement?
Travel reimbursement information will be available soon.


How do I get into HackISU?
You need to apply to HackISU. You're at the right place! Simply click on the "Register" button at the top of this page once it becomes available (coming soon!).


What should I bring?
For starters, bring your laptop and charger. Bring your cell phone and charger too, and a power splitter if you have one!  In addition, bringing a water bottle, pillow, and any other accessories you would bring to a sleepover would be a good idea.


How big can teams be?
There can be up to four people.


Do I need a team or idea to sign up?
Nope! We will have sessions to help people find team members, as well as an idea generation workshop to help people think of ideas to work on for the hackathon. So you should sign up regardless!


Do I have to be there the entire time?
No, but all your coding and work must be done at the site of the competition.


Will there be food?
Yes. The only thing you need to worry about is coding; let us take care of the rest. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and plenty of drinks will be provided throughout the competition at no cost to participants. We will be providing vegetarian options as well. If you have a specific food allergy, be sure to specify in the application.


Can I start working before HackISU starts?
No, contestants are not allowed to work on their apps before the 36-hour period. If you want to prepare for the hackathon, focus on gaining experience with and knowledge of the tools you hope to use to build your project.


How does judging work?
Teams will demo their application to a panel of judges, who will deliberate on their favorite submissions to choose the winners.


When are demos?
Demos will take place at 9:00 AM on Sunday.


More questions?
Additional questions? Want to sponsor the event? Email us at hackiowastate@gmail.com




Are you looking to hack hardware at HackISU?

Get stoked!

HackISU will have an 24-hour hardware support team, courtesy of Iowa State University's Critical Tinkers.  They will be able to provide some parts and give assistance wherever needed.


What about hardware prizes?

We will be offering a hardware-specific prize that will be judged by a separate judge that is familiar with hardware projects.


Have a specific part you're looking for?

Although our hardware support team will have spare parts, they won't have everything.  If there is a specific part you need, make sure you research and purchase it beforehand.


Additional hardware information will be announced soon.  Check back!






Have any remaining questions or concerns?  Please contact us at hackiowastate@gmail.com.


In addition, you can follow us on:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/hackisu - @hackisu

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HackISU - HackISU